Pat Capponi


Last Stop Sunnyside

“A most unusual original heroine, and a welcome addition to the genre.”
Joy Fielding

“No one can portray the marginalized as well as Pat Capponi... clearly the author knows these people and that comes through on each page.”
Catherine Gildiner

“Capponi tells the story with the end, I was really rooting for Leoni and her ragtag gang of unlikely detectives.”

“... the novel is laced with the sort of wry humour that is Capponi’s signature survival tool.”
Toronto Star

The author of five works of non-fiction, Pat Capponi made a spectacular debut as a mystery writer with Last Stop Sunnyside. For three years, struggling with her own demons, Capponi lived in a boarding house more grim than the one she portrays in her novels. She became a leading advocate for the mentally ill with the mantra of  “a home, a job and a friend.”


HarperCollins Canada 2006

Last Stop Sunnyside

A Dana Leoni Mystery

Dana Leoni, recovering from posttraumatic stress, is living in a rough rooming house when a beloved housemate among the group of the marginalized and the mad is found dead.

Police quickly run out of leads, leaving Dana and the other residents to investigate.

Dana and her rag-tag posse amusingly cope with the hindrances of poverty. They can’t synchronize their watches because they only have one watch. They can’t tail suspects—they don’t drive. They can go by bus, but there’s not much money for bus fare.

Yet, ingenuity and persistence lead them to the villains who are holding vulnerable
women in captivity to extract their meager pensions.

Last Stop Sunnyside is a triumphant journey with an unforgettable heroine.