Philip Slayton




“Slayton’s critique shows an insider’s awareness of the legal profession’s most pressing problems.”

Globe and Mail

“…smart and lively… Slayton’s credentials… make him just the man to figure out why lawyers who go bad do so.”

Toronto Star

"Slayton knows how to tell a human-interest, human frailty tale. And he seamlessly interweaves his larcenous-or-libidinous-lawyer stories with the larger legal and ethical issues at play. Lawyers Gone Bad can be read for fun, or for edification, or both.”

Winnipeg Free Press

“Mr. Slayton brings impressive credentials to this exercise and what he says should be of interest to both lawyers and the public… Lawyers Gone Bad is a well-organized, well-written and manageable text that is a welcome addition to the limited literature on lawyer self-regulation.”

Financial Post

“…the profession should take note and engage in debate about the issues Slayton has brought to light.”

Canadian Lawyer

“…authoritative and entertaining book… Slayton has provided a tremendous public service in highlighting the problems.”
Georgia Straight

 “With this titillating tell-all, Philip Slayton has punctured the dignity of a stuffed-shirt profession…

Vancouver Sun

 "I recommend the book to lawyers and non-lawyers alike. It is beautifully written and, at times, the stories are jaw-dropping."
Michael Cochrane, Business News Network

Penguin Canada 2007



Money, Sex and Madness in Canada's Legal Profession

Philip Slayton, a renowned lawyer, legal scholar, and teacher, offers lively, cautionary tales of some of the more outrageous and colourful transgressions in the legal community.

In Vancouver, a lawyer specializing in real estate perpetrates the biggest legal fraud in Canadian history and then launches a new career as a pet food salesman…

A coal miner’s son becomes a respected lawyer and an elected MLA. Then he’s convicted of swindling the settlement money of a child orphaned by his mother’s fatal car accident…

A prairie lawyer hailed for defending Aboriginal clients is convicted of sexual assault after he admits to having sex with those same clients…

Entertaining and thoughtful, Lawyers Gone Bad also provides insight into the legal profession and how the law itself can be twisted or fail.

Philip Slayton, an award winning columnist on legal issues, divides his time between Toronto, and Port Medway, Nova Scotia, and a guest lectureship in South Africa.