Rangeley Wallace



Praise for No Defense:
Wallace avoids any Grisham-come-lately clichés in this interesting novel of southern justice... This page-turner of a novel is refreshing in it’s uncommon perspective, as opposed to the usual legal novel that focuses on lawyers.” 

Rangeley Wallace has written a  taut, compelling Southern drama that is cut from the same cloth as Harper Lee and the early William Faulkner.”
Winston Groom,
author of Forrest Gump

 “A riveting courtroom drama…Another fine story in the Southern literary tradition”
Library Journal

Rangeley Wallace moved from the South toWashington, D.C. where she is an author and a lawyer. She is the author of No Defense (St. Martin’s Press).



Manuscript Available

Things Are Going to Slide

“Rangeley Wallace is a hard, fresh wind from the south, with a voice full of particularity and a born sense of story.”
Anne River Siddons

Marilee Carson Cooper daughter of a good southern family had expectations, but now they are dashed. After her husband leaves her for a young man when she is pregnant with their second child, she pins her hopes for financial and career salvation on winning the coveted Chair of Clinical Law at Alabama Southern University.

The Chair goes to Dwight Hurley, a hometown boy who once broke her heart. He is favored because he claims to have written a forthcoming textbook, while Marilee’s job is now endangered, despite her success at the clinic.  Dwight’s mysterious reappearance leaves Marilee burning for revenge.

At the same time, the troubled clients of the legal clinic are presenting Marilee and her student lawyers with grave issues. One of them—an unwed teen mother whom Marilee has known for most of her life—is accused of child abuse and murder.

As her feelings for Dwight become increasingly confused, Marilee realizes that her rival could be her only hope in saving the teenager.

Things Are Going To Slide grips the heart with its twists and turns of romantic love in a legal clinic and illuminates the dynamics of justice in a closely knit town. 

Now available as an eBook from Bev Editions.