Richard Worzel


Richard Worzel, CFA, is considered to be Canada’s leading futurist.  He lives in Toronto.


7 Secrets for the Future of Business

In Who Owns Tomorrow? best-selling author Richard Worzel provides an indispensable road map of the future for individuals, businesses, governments, and organizations, giving readers the far-gazing tools they need to navigate the future.

Changes in politics and technology, management and leadership, demographics and economics are altering the face and pace of business. Those who ready themselves will prosper, while those who are unprepared will flounder or fall by the wayside.

Built around seven key secrets, such as “Optimize Your Most Important Asset,” “Demolish the Status Quo,” and “Watch for Falling Governments,” this engaging and provocative book spells the difference between opportunity and vulnerability. Knowing where the changes are coming from and how they will affect consumers, businesses, and governments, will make it substantially easier for you to prepare and lead your organization to success.

As Canada’s most renowned futurist, Richard Worzel thinks of himself as a planner, not a prophet. In Who Owns Tomorrow? he challenges readers to examine the future and to plan for it.