Richard Worzel


The next 20 years of your life
Stoddart CAN/97


A Personal Guide Into The Year 2017

Wouldn't you find your life easier to plan if you knew what to expect of the next 20 year? We all know there are going to be radical changes, but where, and what will they be? What difference will they make to your family, your work, your health, what you do for entertainment?

The Next 20 Years of Your Life answers these questions and many more. Richard Worzel examines what technology is goint to mean to you financially, where the best job prospects will be, and how changes in the health care and education systems will affect you and your family.

This clear, concise, and compelling book…
 Focuses on the future’s stark division of workers into three classes, courtesy of computers, automation, and a rapidly shifting world economy: the creative or “gold-collar” workers; the menial workers; and the unemployables with no income and little hope. Where should you and your children look for work, and how?

 Discusses the end of retirement as we know it. Baby boomers are going to continue to work well into later life - but retirement-related recreation could start sooner!

Looks at the end of television in a world where anyone with a video camera can become a TV broadcaster.

 Considers a health care system that offers the potential of life beyond age 100 yet may not be able to prevent you from being killed by a simple infection.

Offers a blueprint for the biggest stock market boom in history. How high is up? And when should you charge in or hold back?