Robert Fulford


Accidental City
Macfarlane Walter & Ross Canada /Sept95
/Houghton Mifflin /US96
Trillium Award Nominee 1996


The Transformation of Toronto

In 30 years, Toronto has evolved from being a dull, "sanctimonious icebox" to one of the most vital and vibrant cities in North America. Robert Fulford describes the people, the ideas, and the tensions that shaped its emergence.

Toronto is a city where ideas have been important. Jane Jacobs, Northrop Frye, Marshall McLuhan, Glenn Gould, Margaret Atwood, and Robertson Davies have all had an impact and made it a more interesting place to live.

There is also the secret Toronto, the Toronto of hidden ravines and vast labyrinthine underground shopping tunnels.

For the traveller, Accidental City is an illuminating and lucid guide. For the citizen, it is a revelation. And for those interested in cities and in city-making, it is an important contribution to the debate on the creation of a dynamic and liveable urban environment. Robert Fulford is writing about Toronto, but it could be any modern city and the forces confronting it at the dawn of the new century.