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Young Adult Fiction

Kiss the Joy

“Not since Salinger’s Holden Caulfield have I encountered a teen protagonist as engrossing as Sheree Fitch’s Jake Upshore. Masterfully crafted and populated with utterly convincing characters, Pluto’s Ghost is destined to be a classic.”
Tish Cohen

"Rough and beautiful, harsh and poetic, Pluto's Ghost is an absolute page-turner."
Arthur Slade 

"Sheree Fitch's best book, Pluto's Ghost hits like a brick through a window. Jake Upshore is a wonderful narrator -- a lovesick bad-ass on a desperate quest. Note perfect."
Richard Scrimger

"Here's an absolutely true voice in teen fiction that is so worth listening to...Pluto's Ghost is one heck of a rollercoaster ride - the kind that you can't wait to get right back on as soon as you touch ground again, even though it's left your hair standing on end.”
Jeffrey Canton, critic and reviewer

"There's no doubt that the young adult novel is Fitch's true metier. Her prose, always refreshingly energetic, is so informed by poetic precision and intensity that it can't help but surprise...Fitch's picareque plot and vivid language - all part of her hero's lively, agitated personalitly - deliver a tale engaging from beginning to end."
Toronto Star

"The writing in Pluto's Ghost is moving and rhythmical...The book will interest a wide range of readers. Spread the word: Pluto's Ghost deserves to be listened to."
Women's Post

"...a narrator with poetic flair...[Jake Upshore] is relatable and brutally honest, and his flaws will only endear him more to readers."
Quill & Quire

"Fitch's whimsical wordplay shine[s] in narrative form...[her] smartest work of teen fiction."
Telegraph Journal

Doubleday Canada 2010

Pluto's Ghost

Pluto's Ghost is destined to be a classic.”
                                      Tish Cohen

Jake Upshore, a jokester, a self described “jake-ass,” and a witty dyslexic, is misunderstood by the town of Poplar Hills.  Having lost his mother at age five, the teenager is raised by his loving dad. His other allies include his friend Teddy and English teacher Shep. To everyone else, Jake’s bubbling anger and intense longing translate into trouble.

One person who senses Jake’s vulnerability is the delicate beauty Skye Derucci, with whom he has a passionate, clandestine relationship. Skye vanishes without telling Jake and rumors swirl that she is pregnant and planning an abortion. The only clue is her diary which she leaves in Jake’s locker.

Desperate, Jake begins a frenzied journey to search for her. On the way he encounters drifters, deadbeats, and a shaman, while Skye’s father, a menacing policeman, is close on his tail. Jake doesn’t realize he is on a collision course with tragedy. A dead body, incriminating evidence, and a bad reputation put him in a compromising situation.

The explosive charge of love, sex, and disaster makes Pluto’s Ghost an unforgettable thriller and heart-rending love story.

Sheree Fitch is the award-winning author of books for children including Sleeping Dragons All Around, Toes in My Noes, and If You Could Wear My Sneakers, all published by Doubleday Canada. She is recipient of the prestigious Vicky Metcalf Award for a body of work inspirational to Canadian children. Her first novel for adults, Kiss the Joy as it Flies was short-listed for the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour. She has received three honorary doctorates. 

Shortlisted for the Canadian Library Association Book of the Year Award and the Atlantic Independent Booksellers' Choice Award
Shortlisted for the 2011 Canadian Booksellers Association Libris Award for Young Readers


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