Stacey Gorlicky

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Stacey Gorlicky is a registered psychotherapist based in Toronto, and the former host of the live TV show Mind Matters.  She is a passionate spokesperson for mental-health issues and  has a large following in social media. She has been the subject of numerous print articles and has been asked to host a new TV Show to be called Food, Sex and You





Dundurn, 2016

Food, Sex and You

From Addiction to Recovery


Food, Sex and You is for every woman who feels uncomfortable about her body, who obsesses about her weight; who hides her eating habits; who turns to food for comfort; who yo-yo diets; who avoids mirrors; who weighs herself too often; who binges; who uses laxatives, vomits or over-exercises; who has been told by worried friends that she’s too thin; who is facing health issues related to obesity; who has been diagnosed with an eating disorder. 

Food, Sex and You is also for every woman who has avoided sex because she felt ashamed of her body; who undresses in the bathroom and has sex in the dark; who hides her sexual self inside layers of fat; who fears the predatory instincts of all men; who believes that owning her sexuality may turn her into a slut; who feels cheated of intimacy because of alienation from her physical self.  It’s for women who fail to set safe emotional and physical boundaries in their sexual relationships in their over-desire to please; who always choose the wrong partners; who have become addicted to sex to fill the vacuum inside themselves.

Stacey is a beautiful young woman who overcame food addiction and her fear of intimacy with the help of support groups like Overeaters Anonymous, various therapies, treatment for her ADHD, and Eastern spiritual practices such as tantric sex. She also became a registered therapist herself, specializing in addictions, bringing her deep understanding of the issues to help her clients. 

Stacey reports that in 2007, at age thirty-two, she gave up bingeing as the culmination of her healing journey.


Stacey has written this book with the assistance of celebrated author Sylvia Fraser.