Susan Ferrier MacKay


Susan Ferrier MacKay is a journalist and writer who lives outside Toronto.

HarperCollins, North America, 2014
Droemer, Germany 2014

Butterfly of Venus

An Erotic Novel

At age 40, Elizabeth Harding has been harboring a sexual secret. Despite her worldliness as a woman, and as head of a hugely successful music talent management company, she has never experienced satisfaction with a partner.

When we meet Elizabeth, she is recovering from the collapse of her relationship with Sampson, a real estate tycoon who left her for a young lingerie model. Her friend Effie refuses to let her mope any longer and plans a surprise spa visit and birthday party for her. At the party, she is smitten by surprise guest Declan Thomas, a stunningly attractive, brilliant, young singer/songwriter, 16 year her junior.

Despite her fear of mixing business and sex, plus anxiety over their age difference, Elizabeth is won over by the confident young man who insists she share her steamy inner world of fantasy with him.

Their bubble of joy and delightful glamour is pierced by Declan’s complex personal life. He is being stalked by a viperous, possessive former lover who insinuates herself into Elizabeth’s office and the heart of her world. The situation is more hazardous than Elizabeth forecasts. She stands to lose everything: Declan, her business, her balance, and maybe even her life.

Elizabeth must eventually decide if Declan is mature enough to deal with issues surrounding his identity, and if he can embrace the responsibilities of fatherhood when she finds herself pregnant. Elizabeth must also decide if she can chart an entirely new direction for her life.

Within the frame of this erotic romance, Susan Ferrier MacKay has written a layered novel that satisfies on many levels.

In the upcoming sequel, Elizabeth faces her worst fears when Declan's former girlfriend, the psychotic sexpot Natasha, wreaks further havoc.