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Praise for The High Road

"...a new brand of political satire -- the most irreverent, sophisticated and engaging CanLit has seen since Stephen Leacock."
Winnipeg Free Press

"Fallis writes in pictures and even his bit-players are well-defined characters that the mind's eye can see clearly. [The High Road] is an easy-reading page turner...anyone with even a passing or cynical interest in the political process should enjoy The High Road and after the romp be left with some food for thought."
Ottawa Citizen

"The High Road will entertain. There will be snickers, occasional snorting and hooting, and almost certainly rip-roaring belly laughs. Terry Fallis has understood how things work on the Hill (fictionally, of course), or if that's not really how things are done (dare we hope not), he is very convincing."
Chronicle Herald

"Fallis reaches effectively into his insider knowledge of the political scene in Ottawa to develop an engaging and amusing tale...the story has pace and appealing turns of plot...refreshingly original."
Edmonton Journal

McClelland & Stewart 2010 

The High Road

A brilliant follow-up to the Stephen Leacock Award winner The Best Laid Plans, this deeply funny satire continues the story of Honest Angus McLintock, an amateur politician who dares to  do the unthinkable: tell the truth.

Just when Daniel Addison thinks he can escape his job as a political aide, Angus McLintock, the no-hope candidate he helped into Parliament, throws icy water over his plans. Angus has just brought down the government with a deciding vote. Now the crusty Scot wants Daniel to manage his next campaign.

Soon Daniel is helping Angus fight an uphill battle against "Flamethrower" Fox, a Conservative notorious for his dirty tactics. Together they decide to take "The High Road" and -- against all odds -- turn the race into a nail-biter with hilarious ups and downs, cookie-throwing seniors, and even a Watergate-style break-in. But that's only the beginning. Add a political storm in the capital and a side-splitting visit from the U.S. President and his alcoholic wife, and Terry Fallis's second novel is a wildly entertaining read full of deft political satire and laugh-out-loud comedy.  


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