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Mystery Islands

Discovering the Ancient Pacific



"Koppel knows how to tell a story."
Globe and Mail

"Koppel treats the reader to eyewitness descriptions of scientists crawling through nearly inaccessible caves high in the hills of Alaska and British Columbia, dredging for artifacts in the seabed, camping out in bear country, and fighting a constant battle with the treacherous weather and currents of the North Pacific... Few of the scientists here are household names, but Koppel renders them as distinct individuals and conveys a picture of what their day-to-day is like."
Kirkus Reviews

"Despite the formidable complexity of the science of tides, Koppel packages his explanations approachably. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to understand him, yet everyone - even scientists - will find this book absorbing... a fascinating mix of science, history and memoir, which is completely entertaining."
Galveston Daily News, Texas

"In Lost World, journalist Tom Koppel gives us not merely good reporting on field archaeology in action, but a blow-by-blow account of a major scholarly battle in full spate. When it comes to landing knockout punches, Mike Tyson has nothing on Koppel's account of archaeologists dealing near-fatal blows over dating methods."
Christian Science Monitor

 "Koppel shines at setting the scene and conveying the enthusiasm of costal-migration theories while sitting on a ship's deck or exploring a dank west-coast cave. He lets the archaeologists, geologists and oceanographers tell their own stories in their own words."
Canadian Geographic

"Ballard's rise from its humble beginnings in a makeshift lab in Arizona in the 1970s to its pivotal position today -- DaimlerChrysler and Ford both hold stakes in it -- makes compelling reading. Koppel explains the technology in a way that the average reader can understand."
The New York Times