Tony Aspler


Dance With The Devil

Tony Aspler is co-founder of a charitable foundation Grapes for Humanity, which raises money for children with disabilities and victims of land mines. Honors include the Order of Canada, induction into the New York Media Wine Writers Hall of Fame, and the Queen’s Jubilee Medal.


“It’s good to see Ezra Brant back in action again, this time in a caper involving mixed-up baggage and biker gangs in the Napa Valley. Its nimble pace should keep you on your toes, and it cries out for an accompanying glass of Stag’s Leap!”


Peter Robinson



Manuscript Available

Nightmare in Napa

Ezra Brant has a dream job. He makes a living writing about wine, consulting about wine, and judging wine, which means he travels to the most glorious wine regions of the world. 

It also gives Ezra a close-up view of the rivalries, power grabs, and displays of ego by wealthy wine hobbyists, wine producers, wine journalists and judges. 

In Nightmare in Napa, Ezra is looking forward to covering the annual Premiere Napa Valley Barrel Auction. The other attraction is C.C. his lively, undemanding long-distance lover who is a respected wine producer. 

On the plane from New York to San Francisco, Ezra’s seatmate is an appealingly flighty red-head named Mona who is also bound for Napa to visit her twin sister Lisa. Not until they land does Ezra suspect that Mona, through her New York prison connections, has acquired something that rival motorcycle gangs in Napa would kill for. Mona has made it appear to her pursuers that she has slipped Ezra the tiny, precious object, putting him in the crosshairs of the fearsome Hells Angels gang. 

Also in Napa is a billionaire winery owner who is murdered and Ezra is the major person of interest for the police. Ezra has to escape from the wrath of the gang members and prove his innocence.  He would also like to keep C.C. in his life, but that may be a goal too far.